I just got my Gshield in today.

I just got my Gshield in today. I have it installed on the Arduino Uno. I have flashed the Arduino with the GBRL hex file. I have attached the screen with Chilipeppr. Everything seems to be loading correctly but I am not getting anywhere past this. The board is talking to CP, or it appears to be since the numbers are increasing on the blue bar. I do not understand why it is saying the status is ‘offline’ and the ctrl-click does work at all to get the software to jog. I do not have any motors hooked up yet, I just have the Uno and the Gshield. I am assuming I should be able to test and set it up without motors. I am completely new to this. Any help would be great!

I may have found the answer to my question. I do not have power connected to the Gshield. According to Github, I need to have the power supply connected to the Gshield.

I am currently using Arduino with Protoneer GRBL shield and grbl 0.9i. In case you are using grbl 0.8 and want to flash arduino with grbl 0.9 take into consideration Z-axis limit switch pin change: https://github.com/grbl/grbl/wiki
Otherwise your homing will fail and your machine might go above limits.
I am using chilipeppr grbl workspace + SPJS 1.80.

I will have to check on the version I flashed. As an update, my power supply arrived today. I wired it up and tested it and it seemed to work just fine. I then proceeded to connect it to the Gshield as the wiki describes. As soon as I plugged the power supply in, everything came on for a split second and the there was a pop in the power supply and everything turned off. It is just a standard 24v power supply. The power supply will not power up now. Any thoughts? I made sure the wires were not wired backwards.

I just checked and verified that I flashed version 9. I try downloading and reflashing with version 8.

oh ok It looks like it was ‘j’.

I am fairly certain that it was flashed correctly. I used Xloader to flash it. I will try using universal gcode sender and see what happens.

I also tried UGS and it does not seem to be working on there either. I entered the ‘$’ in the command line and get nothing in return.

Another update…I found the instructions to flash gbrl with the Arduino IDE. I had not seen this before and am an extreme newbie to arduinos. I downloaded the source and uploaded it through the IDE and it works now! I am not sure why Xloader did not work, it didn’t give me any errors. I appreciate the help!

The new issue that I have is the ctrl+click function does not seem to work. I can jog it just fine with the arrow keys but either clicking the jog button on the top of the page and clicking or using the ctrl+click does not make the spindle move at all.

I am using chrome on OS X. I also tried it in Windows 10 with IE.

That worked. Thanks!