I just found the bare bones 1 day turn.

I just found the bare bones 1 day turn. These are actually a quite reasonably price, a 3x4 board. Etched (no silk/solder) quoted out to qt1:$75,qt 3:$30, and qt 5: $21.

Though i would toss that out there for people working on new designs and don’t need solder mask.

These would not be good for boards you plan on reflowing (the solder mask keeps the solder near the part) but is is great if you want to build some connector boards for a stepper or something (1.7"x1.7" board for a nema 17 is $15.75 each for 5, but it is a 1 day turn

We use them exclusively :wink:

@Brook_Drumm ​ I love advanced for quick turn Protos. The bare boards I have not tried.

Btw thanks for keeping the printrboards for sale as a accessories item. I use them for all of my test automation robots. They make my life so much easier. 3d print the fixtures, drive the steppers with the printrboards… I can do almost anything I need without even changing the firmware.

You can’t beat the value on those boards ( even when they where more expensive)

Did you check out the new USB-B version? It’s largely incompatible in our current models- unless you like grinding on your bot. But for what you are doing it may be nice.

@Brook_Drumm ​ I just picked one up last week. I had to remove the the power connector and solder in a different adaptor (no need for an ATX supply for a few stepper). But I will continue buying them when ever I need movement on a project. It is just too easy.