I Just entered the world of laser engraving after buying a K40.

I Just entered the world of laser engraving after buying a K40. I just did the software install and I’m curious about CorelDraw, as I thought it was included. My software is asking for a Key to finish the install. Sounds like I would need to purchase a key to make it work. Is this the case?

There should be a file in the Corel12 folder called CDKEY.txt with the serial number.

Thank you!

@Jamie_Lowe You will need to block Corel from phoning home with your firewall. It will eventually stop working.

Not the most legit software I’ve ever been given with a product, but as HalfNormal says, it will try phone home & eventually tell you it is non-genuine. If you intend to continue using your best bet is to purchase a key at some point. The CorelLaser plugin works with most versions of Corel Draw (up to x8 from what I’ve read here) although some have had issues with Home & Student versions, so don’t waste your $ on them until you verify with someone else here if it actually works.

So basically the hardware vendor is shipping stolen software.

@Baxsie Yep! It was duly noted in another post that they ship pirated software but have their software protected by a USB dongle!

@HalfNormal again i think we are talking about different parties here. The people who make the oem controller boards and software (moshi or lihanyu?) are the ones who added the dongles but I think it is the no-name sellers that assemble the boxes that include the pirated software (tho mine did not).

@Vince_Lee You are correct. Two different parties involved.