I just downloaded and edited the latest version of the Marlin Firmware (RC 1.1.0

I just downloaded and edited the latest version of the Marlin Firmware (RC 1.1.0 C3), and made some tweaks for my printer. I just finished a successful print, but the console in Pronterface was getting spammed with “Setting Print and Travel Acceleration” messages. I do not recall changing any setting to debug. Is it on by default? Does anyone here know where to turn it off? I found the section where it is writing it out (see picture) but I do not want to just comment this out–I want to disable the flag that is causing it to execute this code.

Are you using slic3r? Do you have a value (like 550) set in the print settings --> speed --> acceleration? If so it will put those commands in at every layer. The command is M204 S(550) if you want to search your gcode for that. If you want the accel settings to be handled by firmware just turn those values to zero in slic3r.

@raykholo Oh geez. Yep, I’m using Slic3r and my g-code is positively replete with M204 Sxxx commands. But…I want to use those settings. I just don’t want the console spam. I know I could get rid of it by just putting a // in front of that line, but that feels like a hack. Any other ideas?

Is it the same value over and over again? Put it into Marlin as your default acceleration setting. Or put it into your start gcode. Either way then set all those slic3r settings to 0.

@raykholo Nope, it is a different value for each type of acceleration (perimeters, infill, bridge, first layer, default). I want to be able to tweak those in Slic3r. I guess I’ll just comment out that line. Thanks!

download 1.1.0-RCBugFix

Done. Forked it and copied my changes to the RCBugFix branch in my fork. Basically, all changes are only in the configuration.h file. If anybody else is using the CL-260A printer, this may help you. Look at the changes in this file in my github repo (all my changes have “SirGeekALot” in the comments): https://github.com/SirGeekALot/Marlin/blob/RCBugFix/Marlin/Configuration.h

delete from “if” to the end bracket “)” all 5 lines are redundant. Should still work after deleting. Just make a backup of the file and rename the extension to .bk

would it not be better to comment out the lines with // that way next time you upgrade if its in there you can see that you commented it out.

lol Yes, I usually delete code and do backups. Its a Linux thing, lol Basically if your working on a OS and you just comment out, you could crash the system with the new changes then you have to find the file and open it , revert and save and reboot. my way you just rename, and reboot. But what your doing yes just comment it out.


James, I’m 46, Have 2 diploma’s in computers and grammar has never been my strong point, I’ve tried over the years and well, its just one of those things.