I hope it's all I need to print ...

I hope it’s all I need to print … Haha

Good work. Missing a mount for your X (or Y) moter. Can find only one. Some for the bed mount block (can find only one). You have sufficent passthrough bearing holders :wink:

Here is what you need: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/eclsnowman/Eustathios-Spider-V2/master/Documentation/Pictures/Printed_Parts(Black_With_Hercustruder_Extruder).jpg

Here it is without the extruder: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/eclsnowman/Eustathios-Spider-V2/master/Documentation/Pictures/Printed_Parts(Yellow_No_Extruder).jpg

Btw if you use the GolMart ball screws you need Walters bed mounts instead of mine: https://github.com/eclsnowman/Eustathios-Spider-V2/tree/master/Community%20Mods%20and%20Upgrades/walterhsiao/1204%20Ballscrew%20Bed%20Support

One question, if I want to use http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:854267, Do I still need this parts : MTSGR12*2 ? Thanks

@Botio_Kuo ​ nope. Just go with the ballscrews from GolMart. The lead-screws and lead nuts from the BOM are replaced by the ballscrew. Which is nice. The ballscrew is cheaper.

@Eclsnowman Hi Eric, could you tell me where is the lead-screws and lead unts on the BOM pls ? I’m confused … = _ = sorry

Ball screw SFU1204 - L425mm RM1204 Ballscrew Ballnut http://s.aliexpress.com/ZziyQVfM

@Eclsnowman Hi Eric, I didn’t see wire on the BOM list. Could you tell me what’s kinds of wire I need to buy for Eustathios, please? thank you http://www.smw3d.com/22-gauge-wire-for-endstops-motors-and-sensors/ or http://www.ultibots.com/basic-wire-kit/

@Botio_Kuo that gets more tricky. Give me a little time and I will try to make a list.

OMG… I just found out I already spent more then 1500 for this printer … I hope it is working out at all … God bless me!!!

@Eclsnowman Hi Eric, could I ask a favor , pls pls pls… I’m really stupid with wiring thing and scared to burn my board or my house… if you have time, could you make a list about what kind of cable or wiring I should buy pls? Trust me … I did some homework… but I don’t trust myself … and just want to make sure everything I used is safe and stable. And you are the best. Thank you.

@Botio_Kuo I will try. I am just swamped with work and work travels right now. If someone else could help with what they purchased it would be awesome. My problem is I keep all this sort of stuff around. Or have it at work. So I never made a good list yet since I have no receipts, I just grabbed a chunk from my pile of wires :disappointed: