I hope I'm addressing this to the right place,

I hope I’m addressing this to the right place, but please forgive me or delete this post if I am not.
I teach an experimental design research class at a high school in Florida. I thought it would be so fun if my students could build a 3D printer and then have the added benefit of being able to print parts for other projects in the future. I’m having difficulty locating a kit or design instructions that would be do-able for them. If anyone can help or has any suggestions I’d really appreciate it. Thanks, Kathy

Have you looked at Ultimaker. They start at about $1200
Many parts can be self replicated/upgraded and the casing can be replicated on a laser cutter.

This is happening In NY. It’s a long way to go though.
Our school went to last years London show. Three weeks later a free Ultimaker was delivered.

Http://RepRap.org is where you should start. I recommend not spending too much on your first kit, as learning how to optimize your printer is where the real knowledge is gained… But my vote is with the #Mendel90 kit from @nop_head everytime… I’m bias though.

Which high school? I’m in Orlando.

i already try this in local art design college in Zhengzhou,China, and teach the student how to use prontface and kisslicer for their design printing. if you want to know more,please contact me. email: seeveehwa@gmail.com

@ThantiK Oviedo

Thanks all. Going to research some of these sites. I’m sure I’ll have questions later. :wink:

Well, I do have one question. It seems that most of these “kits” are just parts of the whole. Does anyone sell a complete kit?

Well, I would like the students to build it themselves and then use it to print 3d parts for a dynamic project of their own design. So it’s a start to finish kind of thing.

No, we only need one. I just thought it would be cool if they could use it to design and make parts for another one.

@Kathy_Savage , if you get the chance, come out to @FamiLAB in Longwood. We have an open house the first Tuesday of every month. We’ve got 3D printers there, and I’d be happy to answer any questions in-person and give suggestions as well as show you the 3D printers that we have and what’s available to people.

It’s likely that I’d end up recommending a printrbot given how cheap they are, easy to assemble, etc.

Perfect Anthony! I’ll be there! Thank you so much!