I helped a guy get started with his Profi 3D Maker today and it

(Andreas Thorn) #1

I helped a guy get started with his Profi 3D Maker today and it was a nice machine. Without any instructions included in the package and never used a 3D printer before he got stuck and almost returned it after a few failed prints due to adhesion problems.

The heated bed was not functioning properly so I had to resort to blue tape. Tweaked the settings some and he was up and printing PLA in no time.

All in all pretty a rigid, clean and well thought out machine. While I think that my ORD Bot Hadron has a print volume good enough for me (216 x 216 x 200 mm) I was pretty impressed by the Profis’ of 400 x 260 x 190 mm.

The host software needs some polishing but I was happy to find Slic3r behind the GUI so even though the buttons and settings was scattered about the GUI most of the terms were familiar to me and I found my way well enough for a quick print.

I didn’t have time to check what firmware it used.

(Corrado Tibaldi) #2

Hello. Would have aquestion for you. Would you know how to find out what firmware Easy3Dmaker uses? As you said behind the provided software there is slic3r which I would like to use directly.
In the setup the firmare is required. Thank you andvance for your advise!

(Andreas Thorn) #3

Hello! I am sorry I don’t have easy access to the printer. I’ll check if I come across it again. For a quick answer to your question it’s probably best to contact the manufacturer.

If you have access to the printer yourself you might get an indication of the firmware used if you try connecting to it with Pronterface/Printrun or another host application with a console. Several firmwares echo some sort of information to the console on connection.

(Corrado Tibaldi) #4

Thank you Andreas! I will give a try to the software you mentionned.