I haven't used my Shapeoko in a while.

I haven’t used my Shapeoko in a while. Chilipeppr had me update the Tinyg to master-440.18. When I try to connect to my machine I get {“sr”:{“line”:t,“posx”:t,“posy”:t,“posz”:t,“vel”:t,“unit”:t,“stat”:t,“feed”:t,“coor”:t,“momo”:t,“plan”:t,“path”:t,“gc”:t,“dist”:t,“mpox”:t,“mpoy”:t,“mpoz”:t}} with a yellow check mark on the last line. All other lines have a green check. Suggestions?

Did you reset your TinyG after the update? Did you hit the % to wipe the buffer to get everything started again? Can you perhaps post a screenshot to give us way more data on your setup like what your buffer counts are at and what the TinyG widget boxes are all at, i.e. the “State” value.