I havent used my machine for a few weeks and now on my TinyG

I havent used my machine for a few weeks and now on my TinyG I have a constant flashing SPINDIR / PWR LED. Ive put a post on the Synthetos forums for that.

I was wondering however should get myself an Arduino Due and use it as if I was running a G2. I don’t need stepper drivers as Im taking off step and direction directly into my Servos. I believe the Due uses 5v instead of 3.3v so I could eliminate the logic shifters as well

Can anyone see an issue with this?

You could try the Due approach. G2 core has come a long way. I do think it’s 3.3v though because I think all advanced processors like the Due has are 3.3v.

The constant flash spindir / pwr could just mean a hard power reset is needed. Sometimes, though, I think i’ve had to reflash my firmware.

Thanks John. I purchased an AVRISP programmer on amazon and will give that a try - as a learning exercise. and yes you are right on the 3.3 volts - I dont know where I got that from. Ill also try a power reset…

Weird that Im not seeing the port.

Due is 3.3v for sure.
Can give the drivers 5v as + and then low side switch the step dir en ports, either if the pins can be set to open drain or via N channel fets.

DUE also has weaker pullups than are used on tinyG, so a logic buffer between DUE and external drivers would be recommended.
Might as well make it a 3.3V to 5V buffer.
G2core is for sure the future, but be aware of some of it’s current traits. Lots of Ox Chilipeppr users, check out their forum.