I haven't use my CNC for a while and after switching it on today

I haven’t use my CNC for a while and after switching it on today I found there is something wrong with homing feature. Homing Z and X axis works as expected, but Y homing moves Y axis to the opposite direction and there is no reaction to limit switch hit (manual hit I mean, as axis moves out from the switch). Moving all X, Y and Z with G0 commands works fine and directions are correct for each axis. Only Y homing is the issue.

To make sure that problem does not come from the machine:
a. I checked all wiring - no problems here
b. I reconnected TinyG from rPi, where my Serial Port JSON server is running to a PC and quickly installed cnc.js Win64 precompiled binaries - homing works perfectly here.

My conclusion is that the widget causes the problem. Were there any commits recently to the tinyG workspace which could affect the axis widget?

No changes have been made recently.

One idea: this feels like what I have seen in the past with TinyG which is that after an initial config on TinyG, the CNC controller would go in the reverse direction on a certain axis until you hit reset. Then it would work normally. Not sure if that got fixed in later firmwares.

The other thing, if you think it’s a widget, is to just look at what’s in the serial port console and see if the commands are correct.

Thx John, I will check if Reset helps next time I see this behavior. I could not play with this when it happened, as I had to make a small job for my little princess first.

My advice from this lesson: it is worth to manually check homing by moving spindle to safe area and height and home axis one by one hitting limit switches by hand.