I have Zentools 7x12" CNC machine.

I have Zentools 7x12" CNC machine. Was trying auto level but could not get it working. When click on Auto level run it start and detect the first location and then stops. If I then hit pause and play again, its detects the next location and stops again and the same thing continues.

I have tried auto level with bCNC and it works fine.

Can someone help me to get auto level working with chilipeppr?

Yupp, just read the other posts below, this got fixed and there is a new workspace link where everything works. I’m assuming you’re running grbl.

@raykholo , Yes grbl. Can I get the new workspace link?


The grbl workspace always get’s worked on last. Because the makers of CP all use a tinyg board.

Well, we could and I think it sounds like that’s the best next move, but keep in mind there is always a worry that any fix could break other stuff so let things soak a bit. The Grbl workspace is highly used. It’s owned by @Jarret_Luft and it is still in JSFiddle so the next step of moving it to Cloud9/Github is a big change. Only in the last week has this change all come together through a TON of help from @raykholo so although I think we’re at the end of the process now, Ray’s quick fork of the Grbl workspace, which then resulted in imania’s fork, is quite a change which could have introduced new bugs.

@Jarret_Luft when I ported from fiddle to cloud9 I kept changes to an absolute minimum. I had to use the basic html and JavaScript wrappers to make sure that our runme.js inlining would work. Inside the html body and main method of the JavaScript is a verbatim copy of what’s in fiddle. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be stable.

Now, this isn’t based on the new workspace template. With tinyg I originally did what I described above but we spent a substantial amount of time making it compatible with the new layout. But since everything seems to be working in the present cloud9 grbl workspace, I see no reason that these changes must happen.

Anyways, what does need to happen - grab one of our grbl workspaces off github, swap out all the fiddle widget links to raw.github ones, give us a “grblStaging” workspace/ link to test it at, and eventually perform the integration.

@raykholo I tried the new link, this time it works for only first and then second locations and then again I have to hit pause/play for the remain locations, am I doing something wrong?

You should find the previous post here about this - scroll down just a little bit, and then ask the person who fixed the issues and created the workspace about your problem.