I have the current version of LaserWeb and a uno-cnc shield setup.

I have the current version of LaserWeb and a uno-cnc shield setup. I can get the laser to work with other software but when I connect with LW I can jog just fine but nothing else works. No coordinates show up in the X and Y display when jogging, none of the turn lazer/Test works. All I can do is jog. Are there some other configuration I need to do? I am running Grbl 1.1f. Also running it on windows 7 64bit.

Have you selected this machine profile in settings?

Yes then I tired creating a new one with the same results.

Post your grbl firmware config and those setting in LW

Here are the Grble settings, how do I get all the LW settings at once ?

$0 Step pulse time 10 microseconds
$1 Step idle delay 25 milliseconds
$2 Step pulse invert 0 mask
$3 Step direction invert 0 mask
$4 Invert step enable pin 0 boolean
$5 Invert limit pins 0 boolean
$6 Invert probe pin 0 boolean
$10 Status report options 1 mask
$11 Junction deviation 0.010 millimeters
$12 Arc tolerance 0.002 millimeters
$13 Report in inches 0 boolean
$20 Soft limits enable 0 boolean
$21 Hard limits enable 0 boolean
$22 Homing cycle enable 1 boolean
$23 Homing direction invert 0 mask
$24 Homing locate feed rate 25.000 mm/min
$25 Homing search seek rate 500.000 mm/min
$26 Homing switch debounce delay 250 milliseconds
$27 Homing switch pull-off distance 1.000 millimeters
$30 Maximum spindle speed 1000 RPM
$31 Minimum spindle speed 0 RPM
$32 Laser-mode enable 1 boolean
$100 X-axis travel resolution 250.000 step/mm
$101 Y-axis travel resolution 250.000 step/mm
$102 Z-axis travel resolution 250.000 step/mm
$110 X-axis maximum rate 500.000 mm/min
$111 Y-axis maximum rate 500.000 mm/min
$112 Z-axis maximum rate 500.000 mm/min
$120 X-axis acceleration 10.000 mm/sec^2
$121 Y-axis acceleration 10.000 mm/sec^2
$122 Z-axis acceleration 10.000 mm/sec^2
$130 X-axis maximum travel 200.000 millimeters
$131 Y-axis maximum travel 200.000 millimeters
$132 Z-axis maximum travel 200.000 millimeters

Think I found it.

“__version”: “4.0.991”,
“__selectedProfile”: “*gen_grbl”,
latestRelease": “2018-02-03T17:07:58Z”,
“showMachine”: true,
“machineWidth”: 300,
“machineHeight”: 200,
“machineBeamDiameter”: 0.2,
“machineBottomLeftX”: 0,
“machineBottomLeftY”: 0,
“machineFeedRange”: {
“XY”: {“min”: 1, “max”: 800},
“Z”: {“min”: 1, “max”: 500},
“A”: {“min”: 1, “max”: 50000},
“S”: {“min”: 0, “max”: 30000}
“machineXYProbeOffset”: 0,
“machineZEnabled”: true,
“machineZMatThickness”: 0,
“machineZToolOffset”: 0,
“machineZStartHeight”: “”,
“machineZProbeOffset”: 0,
“machineAEnabled”: false,
“machineBlowerEnabled”: false,
“machineBlowerGcodeOn”: “”,
“machineBlowerGcodeOff”: “”,
“pxPerInch”: 96,
“forcePxPerInch”: false,
“dpiBitmap”: 300,
“toolGridWidth”: 400,
“toolGridHeight”: 300,
“toolGridMinorSpacing”: 10,
“toolGridMajorSpacing”: 50,
“toolSafetyLockDisabled”: false,
“toolCncMode”: false,
“toolImagePosition”: “BL”,
“toolUseNumpad”: false,
“toolDisplayCache”: false,
“toolUseGamepad”: false,
“toolCreateEmptyOps”: false,
“toolVideoDevice”: null,
“toolVideoPerspective”: {“enabled”: false},
“toolVideoLens”: {“a”: 1, “b”: 1, “F”: 1, “scale”: 1},
“toolVideoFov”: {“x”: 1, “y”: 1},
“toolVideoResolution”: “720p(HD)”,
“toolVideoOMR”: false,
“toolVideoOMROffsetX”: 0,
“toolVideoOMROffsetY”: 0,
“toolVideoOMRMarkerSize”: 20,
“toolWebcamUrl”: “”,
“toolFeedUnits”: “mm/min”,
“toolTestSValue”: 1,
“toolTestDuration”: 0,
“gcodeStart”: “G21 ; Set units to mm\r\nG90 ; Absolute positioning\r\nM4 S0 ; Enable Laser/Spindle (0 power)\r\n”,
“gcodeEnd”: “M5 ; Disable Laser/Spindle\r\n”,
“gcodeHoming”: “$H”,
“gcodeToolOn”: “M4”,
“gcodeToolOff”: “M5”,
“gcodeLaserIntensity”: “S”,
“gcodeLaserIntensitySeparateLine”: true,
“gcodeSMinValue”: 0,
“gcodeSMaxValue”: 1000,
“gcodeCheckSizePower”: 10,
“gcodeToolTestPower”: 10,
“gcodeToolTestDuration”: 0,
“gcodeConcurrency”: 2,
“comServerVersion”: “4.0.127”,
“comServerIP”: “localhost:8000”,
“comServerConnect”: false,
“comInterfaces”: [“USB”, “ESP8266”, “Telnet”],
“comPorts”: [
“comName”: “COM4”,
“manufacturer”: “(Standard port types)”,
“pnpId”: “ACPI\PNP0501\1”
“comName”: “COM7”,
“manufacturer”: “Arduino LLC (http://www.arduino.cc)”,
“pnpId”: “USB\VID_2341&PID_0043\557363036313514071D2”,
“locationId”: "Port
“vendorId”: “2341”,
“productId”: “0043”
“comAccumulatedJobTime”: 0,
“connectVia”: “USB”,
“connectPort”: “COM7”,
“connectBaud”: “115200”,
“connectIP”: “”,
“jogStepsize”: 10,
“jogFeedXY”: 1800,
“jogFeedZ”: 300,
“macros”: {
“*GotoXY0”: {
“label”: “Goto XY zero”,
“gcode”: “G0 X0Y0”,
“keybinding”: “ctrl+f1”,
“_locked”: false
“*LaserOff”: {
“label”: “LASER OFF”,
“gcode”: “M5”,
“keybinding”: “ctrl+f2”,
“_locked”: false
“uiFcDrag”: {“x”: 225.29440251327298, “y”: 281.277472486727},
“toolUseVideo”: false

Please read this post and follow to erase the data the just load the default machine profile

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty ok i will give it a try

Ok,that got the laser test working and oddly enough it removed the Z axis from the display which would be correct because I dont have Z hooked up, but when I jog it moves fine and the correct amount but none of the X or Y values change in the position display.

Your $10 needs to be 0

@Mike_R Awesome, you were right. That is strange why it was 1 in the fist place. Also strange that that setting did not affect other software. Thanks for responding.

Now the next issue, in the Gcode setting when I enter a value for tool on and tool off it doesnt save it. Each time I go back to that setting they are blank.

@Nick_Marino_NIX when you make changues, actualicé/save the profile. Upper part of settings.

Only way I can do that is to create my own profile it will not let me UPDATE the default Grbl profile thats why it was not saving.

@Nick_Marino_NIX it’s okay to do that if you don’t change the default

Got it all working for the most part thanks to everyone here that help. I really appreciate it. Now I just have t figure out how to align things on the bed to match what I am trying to burn in the software.