I have started to receive material for my Herculien build.

I have started to receive material for my Herculien build. The mdf insulator board was CNC:ed yesterday . The Aluminium frame , Alu healing bed, stepper engines, and some other funny stuffs is ordered . I know there has been a discussion about the cost for the frame and that its probably overengineered . This is My first 3Dprinter and I have choosen to make it very similar to Erics basis design . I do like overengineered stuff :slight_smile:
I choosed to use 2 pcs of 20x40 Alu frame instead of 1 pcs 20x80 since the cost difference was very big from the supplier. For me the Alu frame cost was the half by doing this .
This is really a Fantastic forum and its very inspring to see all cool progress and home built solutions !

Awesome build. Great to see your share. I was trying to find the dimension of the mdf insulator board yesterday but couldn’t find it. Can you give me some hints please?

I haven’t checked it yet but the outer dimensions are 454x464 (mm)

@Dat_Chu if you look in the drawings folder on github it should be there.


I must have had a stupid moment last night. Too tired when I was browsing through :(. Thank you @Eclsnowman and @Mikael_Sjoberg .

Also this might help: https://github.com/eclsnowman/HercuLien/blob/master/Drawings/Heated_Bed_Assembly.PDF?raw=true

Awesome. Thanks @Eclsnowman . Now let me find a way to export this to dxf something that can be used with Cambam.