I have spent a good chunk of the last 2 years tinkering and designing

(Leland Crowther) #1

I have spent a good chunk of the last 2 years tinkering and designing CoreXY 3D printers. I’m really proud to share my current printer, The BareXY, and bring you all along for some of the changes I’m planning on making in Version 2.

Here are some clips of the BareXY in action (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4V1vb3aKCk)

The BareXY is a completely open source CoreXY 3D printer. I have been running with the current design for over 6 months with great success and have distributed multiple kits. My design aims to achieve the best print quality obtainable with an FDM printer and do this at the lowest price. I’ve utilized the CoreXY motion system for it’s reduced moving mass, streamlined the design to reduce cost and complexity, and used authentic core components (E3D hotend, Bondtech extruder, Etc.).

I am really excited about the performance of my current design and to share the development of V2. I am more than happy to answer any questions! More to come soon.

Check out http://Bare3d.us (https://www.bare3d.us/) or follow the Bare3D FB page (https://www.facebook.com/Bare3D/) for more information and updates on my builds.

Founder of Bare3D

(Griffin Paquette) #2

This is a seriously beautiful machine. Might have to build one myself!

(Dale Dunn) #3

That’s a nice clean design, I wish you the best with it. I can’t find anything about the build volume, though it looks comparable with Prusa. At the listed price, comparisons to Prusa seem inevitable. You have what is probably a more capable controller, but I see no control panel. It looks like getting everything flat and square may be a challenge. Do you think your print quality is enough better than Prusa’s, or are there other parts of ownership that you feel make your printer more compelling?

(Greg V) #4

Very nice!

(Markus Granberg) #5

I can’t find a vitamins table and the stl files for it? Is it only the firmware that’s open source?

(Chris Setla (kaptain_zero)) #6

@Georg_Mill RepRapfirmware is the firmware on the DuetWifi board. Bare3D publishes downloadable configurations on their website for the specific implementation used as well as all the build and assembly instructions.

(Markus Granberg) #7

@Chris_Setla_kaptain Instructions yes. but not the source files for the parts? Is that “completely open source”?

(Chris Setla (kaptain_zero)) #8

@Markus_Granberg I went to their site and nothing is for sale as of yet, prices have been determined, but you cannot order anything.

I’m sure once they have made their final production decisions, a list of printable parts and such will be made available.

(Andre Queiroz) #9

Parabéns pelo trabalho é realmente magnífico

(Leland Crowther) #10

@Andre_Queiroz Thank you!

(Thomas Sanladerer) #11

@Leland_Crowther thanks for linking to one of my videos under your “open source” download list, but you’ve linked to the wrong one. Try this one instead: https://youtu.be/iCPcsBy3jsUhttps://youtu.be/iCPcsBy3jsU

(Thomas Sanladerer) #12

Calling your machine “completely open source” is a straight-up lie.

(Leland Crowther) #13


My intention with this posts was to gauge if there was any interest in my design. I’ve been working today to get these files in a format so that they are accessible. I just posted a full 3D model, STLs, and BOM here: https://www.bare3d.us/docs/

My goal is to be as transparent as possible in the future and help people use my design in their own custom builds. I realize at the time of this post it was not “open source”.

Thank you for all of the great content you’ve shared. I have learned a ton from you. I was trying to link to your channel. Would you like me to change the link?

(Leland Crowther) #14

@Georg_Mill My apologies. I hope it is all cleared up now

(Leland Crowther) #15

@Dale_Dunn Thanks Dale! The build volume is 220x220x220mm. The coreXY motion system is the biggest differentiator. The minimized mass allows me to run with high accelerations and I’ve never been a fan of the bed moving in Y with a tall print on it as the Prusa style does. The kit also uses less “custom manufactured” parts so I think it is easier to modify/customize

(Markus Granberg) #16

@Georg_Mill just out of curiosity, what are the design flaws that you see would impact speed?

(Thomas “Balu” Walter) #17

@Georg_Mill that’s not explaining a “design flaw”, but a different concept?

Also I didn’t see a rod that was turned 45 degrees?

(Tom Salfield) #18

@Leland_Crowther looks like a nice printer, great work! If you are looking for a single place to release documentation and 3d models, as well as collaborate with others on your project, please consider publishing to our platform http://wikifactory.com