I have some trouble printing parts with a gentle slope on my reprap.

I have some trouble printing parts with a gentle slope on my reprap. The top solid layer does not print well. Slic3r ignores the number of top solid shells completely, it always just prints 2 shells. I tried Cura but it failed as well.

I made a simple model to recreate my problem and uploaded it to thingiverse:

Can someone print this small model to check if it works on your printer ?
Any hints what is wrong ?

What nozzle size and layer height are you using?

What version of slic3r are you using? There have been some big improvements in these areas in the last two or three releases.

@Stuart_Young I tried with 0.2mm and 0.25mm layer height. I have a 0.3mm nozzle (J-head MK-IV-B)

@Whosa_whatsis Tried the latest Slic3r 0.9.9 version and latest Cura 13.01.

This is an old problem with slicer. The issue is that a slanted top surface isn’t a top surface as far as it’s concerned, it’s a slanted wall, so what you get is the appropriate number of perimeters. In old versions sometimes they wouldn’t even connect, leaving big gaps in the top layers.

Maybe a different slicer is in order for this? More specifically, SkeinForge annoys me by treating non top surfaces as top surfaces, putting in fills where I don’t want it! :slight_smile:

@Joseph_Chiu @Sparr_Risher Thanks for the hint. I will try if skeinforge is doing a better job.
Independent from the fact that only 2 top layers are generated, I also have the problem that these 2 layers do not stick to the infill layer below. I tried with different temperatures and speeds (30-70,mm/s) but without success.