I have some questions about the LW4 setup.

I have some questions about the LW4 setup.
Frontend: 4.0.989
Backend: 4.0.115

When I load .BMP files for engraving the laser head in non cutting moves moving too slow, when i load .Svg files for example moving as supposed to be . I take the advice of @cprezzi and change the speed in my smoothieware config file but seems that the problem is only when i load .bmp files.

And another one.
I try to cut a piece of wood i set it to 3 passes with pass depth to 1mm but my bed move down in negative direction … i want it to move to positive direction (up). when i jog it manually + direction is up and - is down as supposed to be.

Thank in advance for any help…

For the moving bed you could either change the direction of the stepper in the firmware or to flip the cable of the stepper

Ah ok… @Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty so the right direction is + down and - up ?

Usually you move the head, and the head moves in the negative direction. In you case negative then should be up

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty right i get it … is a little bit confusing with the jog buttons but ok …

Think of Z as the distance between the head and material. Positive moves them away from each other. This holds for mills, lathes, and lasers.