I have some money at the moment to buy a router

I have some money at the moment to buy a router. I am looking at the shapeoko 3 on pre-order but I would rather save some money and get a shapeoko 2 right now.

If my plan is only to make custom small wooden boxes and toys, should I wait for shapeoko 3? Or should I buy a used shapeoko 2?

There’s a lot of chatter lately about just doing the Chinese 6040 or 3040 mechanical kits on Ebay or Ali Express. http://www.ebay.com/itm/3040-CNC-router-milling-machine-mechanical-kit-aluminium-alloy-Frame-ball-screw/181523619539

They’re very powerful. They’re nice ballscrews instead of timing belts. Good torque and accuracy off the mechanical advantage of the ballscrew. $530 for a 3040.

Go get 3 Nema 23’s, a TinyG, and run Chilipeppr.

That sounds like a plan. :slight_smile:

Dat. I find your input very thought out and helpful. My vote was for the shapeoko 3 because you share your thoughts and, I sure, many of us would value your take on the new spapeoko.

I have to side with John, I’m a proud ShapeOko v1 owner, but I won’t be buying a second unit… there are just too many better deals for my dollar.

I will say that Shapeoko can’t be beat if you need a larger footprint area for milling. I don’t think any other CNC is as flexible for letting folks make a custom size. Also, the community around Shapeoko is awesome.

I have the same issue as Dat, buy now at significant savings or hope that the improvements were worth the dollar and not just to pay for the new tooling. I am leaning toward the shapeoko 3. My long term interest would be that ability to work on large scale. It appears that the rails on the 3 have been designed for greater strength over long distances.