I have set up a 3040CNC with a TinyG V8 controller.

I have set up a 3040CNC with a TinyG V8 controller. I use Fusion360 for design. TinyG/Wiki suggested the Z axis limit be installed at the top of travel (Z0). This means all Z moves need to be - (Negative). F360’s post processor commands are all + (Positive). I’m guessing that the top of the work piece needs to be registered, but there doesn’t seem to be any instruction on the best way to do this. Can someone help me please.

in fusion cam you configure this in the setup, where you register the zero position (or WCS in cam speak), can take a bit of fiddling to get axis correctly orientation. You can set this anywhere, not just on your model or stock, but could be corner of vice etc. I always set front Left hand corner of my stock so it make it easier for me to setup

It really doesn’t matter where your machine zero is, I have mine rear right looking at the front as I didn’t want it zeroing at front left as I may have a work piece installed etc and would just get in the way. What does matter is where you zero on your stock and that becomes the work zero

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Thank you for taking time to address my issue. I am going to set up a couple of test projects to use as a reference. Comparing code to machine behavior. I need to establish a standard practice in my head which can sometimes be stubborn lol. In my case there just seems to be a disconnect between my setup, the post process and machine. I won’t give up until I find it. I have watched several tutorials (several times) and seem to be doing it right. But the results will always confirm. Ha.

I just ran a part for a friend on an old KOMO Router that only takes a <256K file size. I had to split it in two. An hour of fiddling and 2 minutes to cut lol. That is another project I’m working on. Trying to get a 1998 Komo with Fanuc to run a bigger file size or DNC. The people at Komo and Fanuc could not do it. It would be cheaper to buy a new machine. 5x12 vacuum table, 8 tool carousel, horizontal drilling, 4 tons…I don’t think so.

I’ll post again and thank you again…