I have purchase the Azteeg X3 controller,

I have purchase the Azteeg X3 controller, what firmware is recommended or preferred for the Herculien? is there a sample configuration file I can view for setting things up? Thanks!

I use marlin: https://github.com/eclsnowman/HercuLien/tree/master/Marlin%20Firmware

It is a little older version now. But that folder is ready to flash. If you use a Viki LCD you will need the adder library for arduino https://github.com/lincomatic/LiquidTWI2

I am not sure about the viki2, I use smoothieware on an azteeg x5 mini for that. On my Eustathios.

For my Eustathios V1 I have the config file here: https://github.com/eclsnowman/Eustathios-Spider-V2/tree/master/Smoothieware/Eustathios%20V1%20Config%20File

@Eric_LeFort I used the edge build of smoothieware that was new at the time. But to be honest smoothieware is REALLY easy to config. Nothing like Marlin configs which can take some time.

Vic I had really good luck with Marlin using the development branch directly from github. They’ve made some great improvements to Marlin that haven’t been “released” yet. I update my herculien’s firmware weekly to keep the current firmware on it.

@Daniel_Salinas I would love to see your latest updates on the firmware.

Thanks for the help… there’s quite a bit of information to digest so am glad I have time to chew through them as parts for the build slowly arrive.

Eric I was getting compile error and I did not not know where to start so I downloaded the standard Marlin file and was able to connect to the Azteeg, will probably take bits and pieces of the settings and move them over as I learn more… I turned on the fan and the hot end light goes on… so will need some more reading…

@Vic_Catalasan do you have the needed Arduino library in the arduino folder for the LCD?

@Eclsnowman Thank a bunch! Got the Herculien setting to run. Had to learn how to actually use Arduino properly. Will play with some board functions.