I have printed a bunch of differential assemblies,

I have printed a bunch of differential assemblies, and to the eye they look like good prints, but the assembly does not fit together too well. The gears seem too large for the casing and I cannot close it.

Any tips or tricks to solve this issue? Any off the shelf differential that can be used instead of the printed diff?

Printing Done on Makerbot Replicator 2X and ABS plastic

is the size correct? on my ReplicatorX2 i noticed a 2.8% shrinkage
when i wanted to install the hsp-diffs. so i had to print some parts again…

So far I have printed almost all of the parts of truggy. I printed them all at their original size. I was only inspecting the prints in terms of the quality (no warping, ect.) I did not check the dimensions. And the first part I am trying to assemble is the differential.

Are you suggesting to scale all the parts by 2.8?

Anyone else experiencing this with the differential?

I had this problem as well with some quality prints. I’m wondering if maybe I printed modified files that didn’t match.

i used ABS for printing. ABS does shrink a little bit while cooling down.
on small parts it would not matter much but on bigger ones it does. like the spur gear i wanted to fit on the hsp-diff. it was 0.5mm to small, so it did not fit. i measured the original stl-file there the size was correct. so it had to do with the prinitg. i simply scaled it up a little and now its fits perfectly. but i also had to print the central-diff-housing again, since this was to small as well. luckily it was not to much, so the rest i could keep. also the front and rear diff housings are not to bad. a little small but the diffs still fit. i had to adjust the spacers though…