I have octopi running on my raspberry pi.

I have octopi running on my raspberry pi. Is there anything I need to do to the Azteeg X5 Mini before it will allow me to move the Z stepper motor?

I disabled access control when I first booted up with octopi. I’m logged in as dummy right now. It wont allow me to add a user via the web interface. Not sure if this is my issue with moving the Z stepper motor but wanted to mention this just in case.

What do you think about the wiring so far? Good or bad? Suggestions?

Do you have your z end stop hooked up and have you clicked home? The controller needs to know where it is before it will move up or down.

I’m guessing I need to get this smoothieware loaded on the SD card before any of this will work right? I forgot that step. Any idea what the micro-stepping jumper settings should be?

I was afraid to hit home. I just wanted to see if it would move the Z motor. Do I need to have the z end stop hooked up before it will move?

Ok. I guess I have my answer. It attempts to do something with the motor but the motor doesn’t turn.

Often you HAVE to home before a controller will let you do any other movements.

Trust me, after many hotend crashes, its the right logic, lol.

Is the Viki 2.0 getting its config from the Azteeg X5 Mini? When I have it wired up, it just boots and shows an lcd screen with nothing on it.

No luck with getting the stepper motors to turn. They try, but nothing happens??

Oh one more question… How do I wire up these end stops? Is this something I would have ordered when I ordered everything on the BOM? If so what pieces do I need?

I went with the screw terminal azteeg, so yes you will need wiring with the proper ends to clip onto the board.

@Eclsnowman Doh!! Wishing I had that version right about now. I will have to take a trip and see what I can find at the hardware store. Does the end stop just need the two wires?

Yup. Any gauge will do since it is just a signal wire, it draws no real current.

I’m not having much luck with the Z motor. It acts like it wants to start the motor, but it doesn’t turn it. I have a little jumper block shorting the end stop for x, y, and z. When I click home in Octopi, it acts like I don’t have the end stop engaged with the jumper block. Where do I need the jumper block? I’ve tried GND and SIG, and also GND and V+.

I’m using the Eustathios V1 Config file for my Azteeg x5 mini. Do I need to have any of these jumper blocks hooked up anywhere else on my Azteeg X5?

Ok! I finally got the Z motor to turn. I had to set the micro-stepping jumper to 1/32. What is the normal setting for this?

You can run microstepping where ever you would like. For example I run lower microstepping on Z because the gear ratio is already so high and you should try to print at z heights that are multiples of full steps (not microsteps) anyway. Have you configured the smoothie firmware yet? That should be your first goal before trying to move things around so much.

@Eclsnowman So I should probably leave it at 1/32 than right? Configured smoothie firmware yet… Is that loading the config file on the sd card and booting it up? Do I need to update the firmware? If so how?

When I had the Viki LCD hooked up, it wasn’t working. That is going to be the next thing I tackle I think.

Smoothie consits of the firmware, and the config. You can update to the latest firmware, but your board did come with one loaded. What you need to do is configure the printer with travel speeds, steps/mm, confirm rotation/direction of steppers, configure thermistors…

Perhaps someone who build a V2 using an Azteeg X5 could share theirs. I have one I could share, but I am still on a hybrid Eustathios 1.5 :slight_smile:

This should get you close: https://github.com/eclsnowman/Eustathios-Spider-V2/tree/master/Smoothieware/Eustathios%20V2%20Config%20File

This Azteeg X5 Mini board is a pain in my ass!! I wish it had the screw terminals instead of the pins.

Does anyone know where I can get the following?

2 Meter stepper jumpers
2 Meter end stop jumpers

I don’t know the technical name for the connector that plugs into the board. I could always make my own if I had the connectors and ordered some cable to go with it.

Please help!

Alright, I’m done venting. http://robotdigg.com is going to make me the cables I need. :slight_smile:

So I got all the endstops hooked up temporarily until I get the cables from http://robotdigg.com.

When I click home for Z, the print bed moves down instead of up to where home is and the endstop switch for Z. Is this a setting in the Azteeg config file?

Sorry Man, I will note this in the BOM. In my opinion screw terminal is the only way to go.

@Eclsnowman Oh well. It is what it is. At least I was able to get the cables made that I need.

Any idea why the Z Home button is sending the print bed down instead of up?