I have not found a way to do this so I'm assuming there isn't

I have not found a way to do this so I’m assuming there isn’t one. Actually two controls I would like to see in LW.

One is a “pause” button that would stop/pause the program where is is at in the run (laser firing off, no movement) then hitting the same button or run button continues it from were you stopped it.

The other on a wish list would be to be able to restart a program within the G-Code list at a specified line. On commercial CNC controls milling and lathes this became a common thing to be able to do. It would auto scroll through to pick up the model commands needed then rapid to that position (if it wasn’t there already) and start moving at the line you designated.

First one exists. Play button also pauses and resumes

@Jorge_Robles And I’ve used it many times already! :slight_smile:

But the Resume @ / Start @ would indeed be nice!

Yep… @cprezzi ​ ?

Ahhh I never thought to try hitting run/start button twice. Thanks

@Steve_Clark If you observe the UI, you can see the Play icon change to a Pause icon on the button too! :slight_smile: