I have mostly been printing with PLA and gotten good results but wanted to

(Rikard Hamrin) #1

I have mostly been printing with PLA and gotten good results but wanted to try out ABS so I bought a few spools with different colours.
At first the filament is fine, it bends nicely and is hard to break but after a couple of weeks it becomes brittle. It keeps breaking in my extruder.
The same has happened now with three different colours so something is definitely wrong.
Once I start using the spools they are stored all the time (even when printing, filament is fed through a tube to the extruder) in a plastic box with desiccant keeping moisture level at about 24%.

Have anyone encountered this before?
(I keep PLA spools in the same box and they are not showing any kind of degradation symptoms)

Have I gotten a bad batch of ABS or am I doing something wrong?
Here is a video showing how brittle it is. (as you can see the brittleness is not consistent)

(ThantiK) #2

You neglected a vital piece of information: What brand of ABS is it? Because honestly, this just looks like bad ABS.

(Rikard Hamrin) #3

Noname cheap brand. One of the spools (glow in the dark) has a code “N140325A1GW100-M” , it doesn’t mean anything to me. I was in contact with the distributor (small Swedish company) and he said that no one else had complained about the filament but was willing to reimburse me. I am more worried that it’s something that I do that causes this. I could just buy high quality filament from now on if that is likely to be the root of the problem.

(ThantiK) #4

@Mark_Rehorst oh god no. Octave filament is garbage. @Mike_Smith reassembled his E3Dv6 like 4-5x trying to figure out why nothing was working because of Octave filament.