I have lw.comm-server up-and-serving at boot time on a BeagleBone black! Very nice too...but

I have lw.comm-server up-and-serving at boot time on a BeagleBone black!
Very nice too…but I am flummoxed on how to get a basic Workspace (Machine,Materials,Comms,macros) to be present (ie instantiated from the BeagleBone) when the Web server is started.
I can load my current workspace from my mac that is showing the LaserWeb webpage. But for all new users of my Laser Cutter I would like to present the machine,material and other defaults so that calibrated setups are used.
I have messed about with save to localfile but no dialog comes up?!

Can anyone give me a pointer how to do this?

did you try setup > Tools > and save machine profiles?

I tried a number of things in that panel. They all save to my mac (the client) and not the BeagleBone (server).
“On LocalStorage” seems most likely…If it saves to the BeagleBone…where? …as I would then need to make the permissions open. Then I would want it to load on starting the server process.

well the server as i know it is only the backend as most units like a pi dont have the resources to fun the frontend. I would imagine you would have to save your settings(yes, on the mac) and then load them on other computers when you install laserweb there. essentially using a settings “token” you know? I had mine running on a pi for a while ut it was only the backend and still required a computer for the frontend.

The Chrome web-browser is doing all the calculating and fancy OpenGL rendering but the workspace is just json data that are constants to initialize the panels. So if the server can supply html/javascript for the browser to use I would have though the json data could also be supplied just once at initialization of the web app.

The server does not cover any frontend settings. Those are only on client side.

The clients ,in my case, are the numerous members of our Maker Hub. The server provides the webpage that is Laserweb
and the Machine parameters and material database, macros have been carefully calibrated for the 150W 2000mm x 1000mm laser cutter. The BeagleBone controls the GRBLshiled that drives it.
Could I modify the server pages to include the json initialization ? Or…
Setup a default URI back to the beaglebone’s workspace or snapshot jason file.
We plan on using LaserWeb for another K40 laser cutter and a 1250mm x 1250mm CNC machine so the materials and machine json would need to be server side for each somehow.