I have just installed the lastest IDE (1.6.3),

(Benjamin Davoult) #1

I have just installed the lastest IDE (1.6.3), and fastLED doesn’t work at all for me now… Is it normal or is it just me? should I reinstall an older IDE?

(Benjamin Davoult) #2

Never mind…my bad. I am so ashamed by my mistake that I won’t tell it…
your work is awesome and works well.

(Dan McDougall) #3

Fortunately when I have problems like this I often discover my idiocy whilst trying to describe the problem in detail in a forum or bug report. The process had saved me so much embarrassment. I highly recommend it :smiley:

(Andrew Tuline) #4

Indeed Dan. Not only do I triple check what I’ve done, but I also go into GREAT detail when describing what I’ve encountered. Here’s some of the Q’s I ask myself http://www.tuline.com/dru/content/my-fastled-support-faq (and document).

(Adam bluebottleyellowboxyellyfish) #5

I had various problems on windows 8.1 , I have now installed ver 1.6.4 and glitches have disappeared…I did make some mistakes adding libraries :slight_smile: The new version ide is more stable I think.