I have issue with my second hand bought k40.

I have issue with my second hand bought k40. Im hoping it can be fix but im not holding on to any hope.

So i have serious power loss. Ive taken a look at my laser tube and i defo think there is some arcing happening. I did have some serious arcing issues but i realised i wasnt using the correct water.

Hope someone can help or advise.

Do not have permission to view the video you posted.

Where is the arching?

If you had conductive coolant the tube should be ok but your LPS likely has a bad HVT.

Have you replaced the coolant and with what?

Should be able to view it now.

I have replaced the coolant with deionised water

Says video is being processed… I will check back.

Does the name ‘Yorkshire fox’ refer to your location ? If so, I would recommend you contact the Sheffield Hackspace - there are some people there with good experience with laser cutters and high voltage electronics. If you’re not located in Yorkshire, England, we’ll do the best we can to help you here!

Cheers. The beam is hitting the metal ring at the top of the tube.

@Yorkshire_Fox I downloaded the video. It certainly appears that you have good High Voltage.
It looks like there is a HV leak into the water jacket. I have seen this happen with others use of conductive coolant.
What coolant were you using?
With a voltmeter check the water in the bucket to see if there is a potential to ground? Setup the probes in the water with the machine NOT running and do not touch the water so you do not get a shock.

If this diagnosis is correct its possible that the tube is damaged by a HV track formed into the water jacket :frowning: :(. One reason we have been trying to get folks to believe that coolant other than distilled water is damaging to a K40.

I’m from Sheffield and work in Barnsley but live in Notts. I think I need a new tube to be honest but if I need to I’ll get in touch with them.

@donkjr Thanks Don. Think I made a newbie mistake with doing that. I’ve drained the tube and I’m going to let it dry in the hope it will remove the track.

@donkjr distilled water or deironised?

I tested with distilled but we believe that de-ionized is ok.

@donkjr Any suggestions for coolant.

@Yorkshire_Fox Testing showed that distilled water and algaecide was the safest.