I have got 3 short strips of ws2812b which I have wired data pins

I have got 3 short strips of ws2812b which I have wired data pins from strip one d out to d in on strip two d out on strip two to d in on strip three on uploading blink sketch only led on strip one works any ideas on what I am doing wrong as a trial I jumped din on strip one to d in on strip two and this worked is it ok to do this so that I am only using one data pin on the arduino ??

It would seem you have a break in the data chain between Dout Strip1 & 2 … yes you can parallel the Strip 1, 2, 3 Din to one Adruino out … not sure that would be the most beneficial … I’d sort out what your issue is …

NOTE, the Blink example only blinks the FIRST pixel, leds[0].

If you have a strip of 10, or 32, or 100 pixels, be it a single continuous strip, or multiple strips chained together as you’ve wired yours, Blink.ino only blinks the very first pixel.
Blink is a good first test to see if you’re getting any data at all to the strip, but it is not useful as a test to see if all pixels are working. See my other response to you @Shaun_Constantine for what to try running next.

THX Marc … good catch

thanks guys got it working now stupid novice mistake again just run the demo reel and looks great all I have to do now is learn how to program with arduino and use fastled
no wonder I have got a bad head lol