I have generic WS2812B LED strip purchased on eBay.

I have generic WS2812B LED strip purchased on eBay. I am trying to get a Halloween orange with them, but using CRGB::Orange gives me a yellowish color. What do I do to get a true orange color?

Are you sure you have the rgb ordering correct? See the RGBCalibrate example and wiki page for info on setting that. Beyond that, you might also want to play with color calibrations (which @kriegsman can speak better to, however he is at burningman and won’t be back until next week)

Yes, I had posted earlier about red and green being switched. I ran RGBCalibrate and changed to GRB.

The colors defined in CRGB are based on the W3C RGB definitions for various colors, and mostly provided as a quick/handy shortcut - however, the r/g/b elements in the pixels on your computer display are a bit different than the r/g/b elements and color mixing in your leds. For tuning the specific color(s) that you want, experimenting with places on the HSV color wheel is probably your best bet.

Thank you. I will try experimenting to get the color I want.