I have generated an SVG file which is basically a silhouette.

I have generated an SVG file which is basically a silhouette. Now, I would like to generate a pocket cut to remove the material. The idea is that I cover the surface with masking tape, do the CNC router cut, spray paint it, and then remove the tape to leave the colored inset area.

My problem is that if I select a small bit to “get into” the lines, the g-code generate process quickly goes to 50% and just stays there, using 90+% of the CPU.

If I select a larger bit, the task completes reasonably quickly, but doesn’t catch the thinner lines.

How can this be handled? Should I do a pocket cut with the large bit and then an inside mill with the smaller bit? I’m open to suggestions.

There is an option called segment. If you design is to small adjusting this could help

Where do I find this option? I am willing to try it…

My method of doing a pocket cut with a large bit and then an inside edge mill with a smaller bit does a reasonable job. A little more effort, but it works.


@David_Pfaltzgraff ​ how long are you waiting for it to complete? Are there many small sectionsnin your design?

OK. I found the “segment” option. But, how is it used?

To answer the how long to complete question. Yesterday, it took over 50 minutes and in the end the g-code had only the start-up and end sections. No head movement codes.

Segment will not consider any section of the design path below the number you input there