I have finished my build of a RepRapPro Mendel and done my first print.

I have finished my build of a RepRapPro Mendel and done my first print. After a few unsuccessfully attempts I realised that I had cleaned the bed with acetone with oil. After cleaning it with an LCD cleaner thing worked much better. From looking at the part I’ve printed I think an increase in the extruder speed is needed. The top layer has some gaps in it. That will be my next step to try. Feels like a just banged it together so I’m really amazed at the quality. I tried to print a much smaller thing but that did not work that well so a guess there is some outer things to consider when printing small things. Comments and suggestions are welcome. So much to learn.

For a first print that is stunning quality! Congrats! The reprappro series are impressive machines. I own the predecessor, an eMAKER Huxley, and love it!


Thanks. Good to know. Didn’t really know what to expect but was expecting much more tinkering to get it to work.

That sucks. I hope you get a new one soon. This awesome.

That is very good for a first print. I was stunned after my first print to. I had not really looked into 3D printing since the first Cupcake and didn’t expect anything much better. Have come to realize here have been a tremendous development in the field in just a few years.

Nice work! I love my reprap pro Mendel. My biggest tips would be add a cooling fan and Kapton tape to the heatbed

I just added an extra fan. Printing as I type. I have some problem printing the holder for the fan so it will be interesting to see if it makes any difference.