I have finally put up my automatic LED mapper - use a webcam to

(devicer) #1

I have finally put up my automatic LED mapper - use a webcam to automatically detect relative coordinates for pixels. It’s still in progress as i’m doing a complete rewrite from the hacky mess of an old version I’ve been using for years but it’s now usable for those brave enough to give it a go! Suggestions for improvements to code or layout are welcome, especially alternate formats for output. It’s pre-alpha-ish at the moment but pretty close to a state where i’ll call it version 1.0 and release more publicly. I’m not looking for feature suggestions yet as I have dozens of things still to go in from the old code, some are listed under issues if you want to see some of the stuff that will be getting added.

(Mark Kriegsman) #2

Great concept and nice to see if coming along so well already! Super useful.
@Daniel_Garcia did something similar a ways back, but it’s great to see this project out there where people can start trying it and contributing.

(devicer) #3

@Mark_Kriegsman All impossible without the always excellent work from yourself and Daniel! I first wrote my hacky version back in July 2013 so it’s taken me nearly 5 years to get round to this.

(Marc Miller) #4

I’ve heard of this mapping technique but never looked at any examples before. Very cool @devicer

(Roberto Lo Giacco) #5

From the Readme it’s unclear how this works and what it delivers: would you mind getting a little deeper?

(devicer) #6

@Roberto_Lo_Giacco I have updated the readme a little, it basically turns on one led at a time, maps the position, then outputs that in a pasteable format as described in the ‘output style’ section. knowing the co-ordinates means you can create effects across the LED layout. I will update the readme further when I get there! I’ve got a lot more examples to add too and also what is probably a whole library-worth of different functions to modify mappings or draw shapes/noise/other functions into the layout.

(Jo Miller) #7

very usefull

(Marc Miller) #8

I don’t believe this is using FastLED, but here’s another project that used code to automate the mapping of their layout.