I have done some work on my Marlin3DprinterTool.. Some functions are almost done.

I have done some work on my Marlin3DprinterTool… Some functions are almost done. The latest was to finish the Firmware-upgrade-and-migration tool.

On development just now is the “Single-Button-Automatic-Mesh-Bed-Level” feature

(and the never ending story about a STL viewer in Windows file explorer)

I need some beta testers

I installe dit using the .msi installer, but can not find the program anywhere on my computer. Where would it have installed it?

The msi should place it in programs(x86) and the folder Marlin3DprinterTool

is the files there? @funinthefalls

Then run the Marlin3DprinterTool.exe

Maybe the installer is not copying all files… This is the main reason for betatesting. Its so easy to forget files with dependencies. I have them all because I developed them :wink:

The installer is missing the startmenu shortcuts… Fixed and will be on Git soon :wink:

No files in the programs(x86) directory. Not even an empty directory.

Operation system? .Net version?

I have looked at that. I think I found the missing part.

Done some Git-gymnastic and an updated version of the MSI should be available

Windows 10 Latest.net

@funinthefalls do you want me to send you an installer?

I have not tested Windows 10. I am still on Windows 7 because my work still has not updated.

OK, will try on my Win7 machine and get back to you lateer.

take the latest MSI in the bin-release. It was uploaded about 5 minutes ago

Installer seems to work but the program crashes on startup.
windows 7 64-bit

@Rien_Stouten any qlue?? The program is compiled as a 32-bit program an should not use anything above .Net 3,5. I was trying to do the Software compatible with the old WinXP.

I have discovered a incompatible “bug” with Marlin RC7 and the bed level feature. The feature works with a IR probe, but not with a “touching” probe like microswitch and/or hall-switch probe. I will do a forced “lift-between-probing”

The RC7 bug is almost done. A new version will be pushed to Git soon. Still need some more feedback on the installation failure

@Johnny_Linden It’s not a installation failure, it installs fine. Tried it on 2 separate windows 7 machines. But as soon as I try to start the program, it crashes.

Sound like something is missing
Can I mail you all the files that should be installed

@Johnny_Linden yeah, sure.