I have created a german LaserWeb/CNCWeb communtiy for all those who prefer to discuss

I have created a german LaserWeb/CNCWeb communtiy for all those who prefer to discuss in german. Check it out https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/108313854433341149625

So does this mean that we miss all the awesome stuff the German speaking community has to offer? :slight_smile:

I tried the “translate” link and it seemed to translate German to English pretty well!

At the moment it’s more likely that german only people are missing most of the stuff :wink:
I will at least post important stuff in both languages.

@cprezzi after working in a multinational, multi lingual company for nearly 40 years I have seen many ideas of making sure that certain nationalities don’t miss out on specific technical information.
This is one of “just those things” that we tried and it resulted in alot of work for the IT dept, doubled the workload and really missed the point many times as the translation got changed and was interpreted usually the wrong way.

Guess what?

They decided that the technical language for everything, including courses were going to be in English…
the best thing they did nearly 15 years ago and if you speak to the European nationalities they would also agree.
Personally I don’t see it as the right move for the LW development as you will find it will become such a labour intensive process and the Dev team won’t get anything out of it.
Also any information that the German forum starts to ask or even find solutions too may be of benefit to this forum and would again be missed by us.
My view is your are creating work for yourself that really doesn’t need to happen.
Just my thoughts.

My personal thoughts are it might be best to have a section in the main LW community for different languages. At least then it’s centralised to some degree.

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y i am still wondering if the “translate” function that is avail on posts does not work. I have used it satisfactorily many times?

@donkjr I know I’ve used it to translate some posts from whatever language to English with reasonable success. At times it can be funny though. However, the translation from English to German via machine translate may not be as coherent as German to English (or whatever other language is needed).

Machine translations from english to german are most of the time horrible. And understanding english is not the major problem, many german speaking users can’t write english or are just insecure so they prefer not to write anything.

We anyway can’t forbid people to discuss LaserWeb stuff in german, but I prefer that they do it in our community instead of somewhere else.