I have come to the conclusion that a 10pt font will not mill properly

I have come to the conclusion that a 10pt font will not mill properly in poplar. I was using a V90 bit (that I must admit was slightly damaged) and I do not think I could get any better results with a different bit. I think that if I need a 10pt font that I may need to switch to plastic or acrylic or a board that is made from a fine powder that is glued together. Wood and other materials with fibers will not do. Do you folk agree with me?

Umm idk can you post a file? I can mill some stuff tomorrow. I have a decent selection of bits. Poplar is a soft wood so you need to really sharpen that tool!

So you suspect that a harder wood might cut better? I am preparing gcode now. I do not claim it is the most efficient gcode. It comes out of a program that I made. I am setting it for a V90 bit. You may want to adjust the cut speed to avoid waiting all day.

Yes going back to the old hand plane. Soft woods cut easier, but to get a good finish require a sharp edge. All day might be bad. Try 40"/min to start


@Frank_Wiebenga Cut time is estimated at 3.5 hours.

I neglected to mention that the letters were raised up from inside of a sunken down ring. That may actually be a lot harder than having them sink down.

Did anyone have better luck than I did with those raised letters?