I have been working on Chappies head from the movie Chappie.

(Brian Johansen) #1

I have been working on Chappies head from the movie Chappie. I designed it from some early stills before the movie came out. Its not screen accurate but im still satisfied with the result so far. All done in ABS on my Creatr Dual from Leapfrog. All design made in 123D design. Now it needs some LEDs and a front display for eyes.

(Juan González Vázquez) #2

Good Job !! This is amazing! Are you going to share the design?

(Carlton Dodd) #3

Nice! Quirky movie, but I quite enjoyed it.
Are you planning to share the designs?

(Xian Yao Ng) #4

And then you realize how terrible the movie was and regret designing this. Jk

(Louise Driggers) #5

This is really good work; I think the robot is a very expressive design. I can’t say I was too impressed with the rest of the movie though, especially as I had enjoyed District 9.

(Chris “Bigpaws” Chamberlain) #6

My favorite line of the Movie…
“You sent me a retarded robot?”
enjoyed the movie over all

and I see an INMOOV back there too,
I lost mine when my house burned.

(ThantiK) #7

@Chris_Bigpaws_Chambe ​, 3d printing related fire?

(Brian Johansen) #8

@Carlton_Dodd keep an eye on Thingiverse, i will share the files when ready

(Carlton Dodd) #9

Great! Is your T-verse user name the same as your name? I can subscribe to your posts.
My large printer is down for upgrades, ATM (PB-Simple is printing new parts for the big one). I’ll have this in the queue for when it’s finished!

(Brian Johansen) #10

Chris sorry to hear that yor house burned. Hopefully nobody got harmed except inmoov.

(Brian Johansen) #11

My thingiverse name is klitgaard

(Carlton Dodd) #12