I have been using LaserWeb3 the last week for controlling my GRBL DIY diode

I have been using LaserWeb3 the last week for controlling my GRBL DIY diode laser cutter and can’t believe how easy is to use one of this machines with your software. Thank you very much +Peter van der Walt!

I am just missing two things: one is the possibility to engrave and cut from the same svg, and the other is being able to generate gcode with more than one pass. The second one I think should be easy to implement, and for those of us that use diode lasers (low power) for cutting is very useful.

Thank you very much again for your awesome tool!

+Peter van der Walt, great great support! I can’t believe you can spend so much time and effort in a project like this. Thank you very much.

About the multipass, thank you! I tried the CNC mode before, couldn’t make it work, probably my fault. I’ll try again when the laser multipass is released.

My question about cutting+engraving I think was simpler than what you are talking about. I just want to be able to upload a svg with red/black lines, or with two layers and define two different speeds/powers for each color or layer so I can engrave and cut from the same svg. I am currently not using svg+bitmap designs. For my case, there’s always the option to export two different files from Inkscape and load them separately in Laserweb to be able to set 2 speeds, so it already can be done. I just asked for the feature because I thought it can be useful for other users, and because I think this was implemented in LaserWeb2.

Anyway, thank you for your great project. You are enabling me to make custom packaging for my product (the M Prime One 3D printer - http://mprime.io/m-prime-one) with this awesome software. I can’t believe it is evolving so fast and it’s so easy to use. Congratulations!

@Diego_Trapero ​ first I love your printer design. Second I believe speed/power by color is also coming soon ( it was on LW1)

now I find the stuff about colours/layers. How does this work with DXF?