I have been using chilipeppr for a couple of years now, it's wonderful =D,

I have been using chilipeppr for a couple of years now, it’s wonderful =D, yesterday I downloaded a part from a site and imported the eagle brd file, looks like it is not recognizing correctly some of the pads, I attach the file for you to see it, maybe a configuration I missed?

Do you have a screenshot you could post?

the black one is from eagle
missing/deleted image from Google+

this one from chilipeppr
missing/deleted image from Google+

The way those pads are defined by that part, especially with that red color, makes me think it was drawn as polygons rather than an Eagle pad type and somehow it’s a polygon format that’s not supported in the ChiliPeppr Eagle renderer. I don’t see any easy solution here for that part. If you’re up for looking at the open source code of the Eagle widget, you could go debug it and we could get your code changes published.

i’l try to debug it, do u have a tutorial or doc to start reading?

The source code has tons of comments in it.

It would be much easier to redraw the part in eagle!

as a matter of fact, I did debug and everything looks okay, for some reason the same names of polygons was not okay, so I preferred to redraw it and yep, was faster, it’s now working okay

@jlauer Hey Jon,

It’s been a while since I talked with y’all…I’ve mostly been in the DIY group lately, but I was curious if y’all had further consensus about your plans when G+ shuts down in April. I’m not really much of a social network afficciando but someone said that a large group were intending to shift to a platform called pluspura or something like that (I’d never heard of it). Have you had any further discussions or thoughts on the topic? I had gotten responses from folks on CNC zone through Tapatalk before I registered as a member to it. Is the Chilipeppr group connected with that? I’m sure you have a lot better ideas about which platform to use and why than I do. Someone was asking about it in the other forum and I remembered the discussion in here a few months back.

@jlauer BTW, I know you use Fusion a lot and are very knowledgeable about it. Do you make your models using their tools, or do you use a separate CAD system? I’m a member of a Makerspace and they currently have an educational license to use Inventor, which I’m told is analogous to SolidWorks and I’m about to take some time to go through the tutorials to learn more about it. Is it easier, or does it have a greater option of tools to use say for precision to use that powerful a system to model the designs you want to make rather than using Fusion? On most of my modeling, I’m usually able to get by using Fusion, but not always. My biggest issue seems to be in the CAM portion of Fusion (which wouldn’t be helped- as I see it- by using an advanced CAD tool anyway. When doing CAM strategies on Fusion, I’ve frequently either not chosen the correct one for my model or not selected the correct edges or pockets to cut because while running the job, the cutter runs right through parts of the workpiece that had just been cut.

@George_Allen I’ve been hoping that some new website pops up as the best replacement for G+ and it sounds like pluspura may be worth a look. I’ll check it out.

Chilipeppr isn’t connected to CNC zone, although I sure have checked out many forum postings there over the years.

On the Fusion question, I have not personally used Inventor or SolidWorks. I recall being ready to pull the $1500 trigger to buy SolidWorks just before Fusion360 came out and that free license they give makers was game changer. When I see professional CNC shops using Fusion360 as their main workhorse app, it’s a sign to me that Fusion360 is the software you can rally around.

@jlauer Re: Fusion being a a great tool: Absolutely! It’s amazing that there is so comprehensive a tool that can be used without paying thousands up front. Re: SolidWorks: I didn’t even realize it was possible to get SolidWorks for as low as $1500, I was thinking $10K. Still not crazy about that for CAD only. I know Desault or 3Ds makes SolidWorks, but I also saw that they are the Makers of Draftsight, which I had seen that some were using, I think, before Fusion came out with that license. Were you using that prior to Fusion, or have you heard of it? I’m really impressed at how detailed & precise your knowledge of Fusion is. I use it, and have used it for the past couple of years, but I still wouldn’t say I’ve come close to catching up with the learning curve. It didn’t take long for you to get a good grip on all the options and details about it. I’m assuming you have an extensive background into coding, software development as well as PCB manufacturing. Not sure if that’s your trade full time, but I would figure that given your knowledge on all this. You are an indispensable resource and I certainly appreciate all the help you have given me during this time. I’m constantly referring folks to you and the Chilipeppr group who have a TinyG or grbl Controller. You & Brandon Satterfield of smw3d are generally my go to guys for most complex issues. Thanks again for the help, and I’ll have to check out Pluspura as well!