I have been slowly building my Eustathios from Eric Lien s design for awhile

I have been slowly building my Eustathios from @Eclsnowman s design for awhile now, I just recieved my 1204 ball screws and last parts I need are my alum bed plate and bed heater now.

In my impatience I have already designed a upgrade to mine to allow for a direct drive titan to be mounted on 2 MGN12 rails with a direct drive Titan. From my CAN XY seem to have the same size, while adding about 10mm in Z. However the whole unit sits slightly above the top of the frame now.

I have the parts in stock, and started a rough cut on my aluminum angle. That leaves the printed XY carriages and I should be ready to go.

My goal here is to see if someone else has a suggestion for improvement or other idea that might work better than what I have planned already.

Interested to see how the MGN12 rails work out- I wonder how the price compares between the two designs. It would be great to eventually be able to just screw a wide variety of hot ends onto the carriage.

My only suggestion might be to move the extruder back to get the center of mass over the carriages more. But excited to see you finally building one up. I am interested to see how the ground rails weight affects performance.

So my titan actually has a pancake stepper on it and I already have edited that design to account for moving back about 6 mm the whole assembly on the cars, that should help level out the weight

I have the rough version cut and drilled to test


@Ryan_Jennings nice. I love the in line images in comments now on G+. Makes updates on existing conversations so much easier.

@Eclsnowman Yea it comes in handy, although to be honest i havnt used G+ in a long time other than this, irc just seems so much easier

@Ryan_Jennings yeah I know you guys love IRC. I like the idea of it. But I love the asynchronous nature of G+ threads. And how easy it is to collate my interests and people to follow.

Aren’t the rails supposet to be mounted to something? Do they have enough strengh and won’t bend?

@Peter_Kikta Normally the rails are mounted to something, but in this use case the short span of ~400mm I dont believe that will be a issue. I got this idea from @Jeff_DeMaagd and his large printer that uses 15mm rail with a 700mm unsupported span

Awesome approach. I’m so keen to see how this runs. There’s basically not that much beating these rails :slight_smile:

@Ryan_Jennings Any updates on this? Very curious how the rails are working out for you.

@Matthew_Kelch Funny you should ask, I actually started a new set of carriages a couple hours ago to adress size issues so i should have those done tonight. I unfortunately do not have a aluminum bed or heater yet so am unable to print for a test. everything else is ready to go including the ballscrew Z upgrade

I know this is digging up an older post, but I just stumbled on this and am really interested to see how/if this worked well. I’ve got a set of 400mm MGN12 rails from my Kossel Mini that I’d love to incorporate into my next printer build. Any progress or findings?