I have been really enjoying my time here in this group and learning a

(Matthew) #1

I have been really enjoying my time here in this group and learning a lot everyday about leds and programming. I figured I would ask if anyone has some really neat looking pattern code that I could add to my current program.

I am making a suit similar to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-mrleAj3Xs

  1. The video has a pattern called “Rainbow Drop and Raindrop” I would I like to recreate that pattern but do not have a clue how to. If anyone could help create that - it would be awesome!! =]

My current patterns I am using are the following- (Many from funkboxing)

Funkboxing code Patterns-

  1. Rainbow fade
  2. Rainbow loop
  3. Random burst
  4. Color bounce
  5. Color bounce fade
  6. EMS light one
  7. EMS light all
  8. Flicker
  9. Pulse one color all
  10. Pulse one color all rev
  11. Rule 30
  12. Random march
  13. RWB march
  14. Radiation
  15. Color loop
  16. Sine bright wave
  17. Quad bright curve
  18. Rainbow vertical
  19. Random color pop
  20. EMS light strobe
  21. RGB propeller
  22. Matrix

Other people’s code to be used

  1. Meteor shower (Found here!)
  2. First light
  3. Cylon
  4. Antialiased Beam
  5. Antialiased Beam Color change
  6. Simple Hue Pattern (cycles through all colors through strip)

If anyone has anything that would look eye catching or just plain cool and can share- I would really be grateful for any help.

I am running a teensy 3.1 and 2-4 strips of neopixels (26 leds per strip)

I am making this for the electric run (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQhChpneq3U)

(Stefan Petrick) #2

So you ask basically for onedimensional effects, which work on a line of LEDs, right? What about rendering just one line of a plasma, maybe with the color/speed depending on your heartbeat frequency? And of course Marks Fire2012!

(Randal B) #3

if i didnt nuke my laptop by accident, I’d share my LED stickman effects that worked really well.
Mat’s Soundspout migh look pretty cool as well

(Matthew) #4

Arduino - That is a great idea! I am not hooking this up to my heart rate for my project. (not really necessary for the electric run)

Randal - That sucks, I hope the drive is recoverable!

Does anyone have any clues on how to achieve that awesome Rainbow Drop effect from the video?

(Gottfried Mayer) #5

You could achieve the raindrop effect by
a) dimming all leds i.E. led[i].fadeToBlackBy(dim_speed)
b) painting the head of the raindrop with a counter variable i.E. count++; led[count] = CRGB(0,0,255);

this way you will get the trail effect.

(Matthew) #6

Thanks Gottfried! I will try that and see where I get with it. =]

(Kyle Schwab) #7

Did you use the garmin for the pulse rate or another device? Also, if you wouldn’t mind posting your code that would be much appreciated.