I have been hunting around for the a wiring diagram (not using middleman boards

I have been hunting around for the a wiring diagram (not using middleman boards or anything extra, or level shifter) but have had no luck finding them. I moved my k40 a couple times and in the process a wire came loose and I decided to rewire it, but I can’t find any of them documentation. I had it running fine.

I’m using a smoothieboard (original, bought about a year and a half ago) k40 blue box laser, stock power supply. I had it running back with laserweb3 and it was working fine. Does anyone have location of the easiest way to wire these? Most of the links seem to be broken I have been checking.

Thanks all.

It would be helpful to list broken links (especially mine :)).

Can you identify what wire came loose. Also what is not working.

Also check the Getting Started post thats pinned on the community for more info.

I have movement now, it connects, but laser test does not work. Does anyone have a file I could test, to ensure things are working right? Is the a location of a file dump with firmware settings that are correct? I’m using a cnc version of firmware.

Several of the getting started posts links are broken. I will try to list them. @donkjr ​ all your info seems to be working, but there is a lot of sorting out of info needed. Need a k40 conversion for dummies post

Are you referring to this “Getting Started” : https://plus.google.com/+DonKleinschnitz/posts/BLPdnUPo4ds

I tried all these links with success?

Hopefully you have visited my blog and realize there is a conversion index and labeled sections on the right side bar? :slight_smile: