I have been having a ball with my SMW3D OX. Brandon was very helpful.

I have been having a ball with my SMW3D OX. Brandon was very helpful. Great kit.

I am using Chilipeppr and TinyG. What a great piece of software. I can’t believe it’s so young, with so many features, and so free! Thanks to all in the community, and especially John Lauer. You have so much work invested in Chilipeppr and I really appreciate you sharing. I have been having a ball for the last few weeks.

What I am showing here is how I used the Auto-level feature for some simple V cutter bmp tracing in wood. The problem I was having, was my boards were not flat. Not even close. I did not want to plane them down as that would remove the painted surface and then I would have no contrast between the cut and the board. When I cut deep enough so that the entire path was actually cutting the wood, I was way too deep in the high spots. So I used the Auto-level on a new board, and re-cut with the adjusted gcode. Made a huge difference! What a powerful feature. When comparing the pics, keep in mind that I dragged the cutter across the auto leveled version and moved my piece by about 1/4”. So the ‘mapped’ gcode was out of position by 1/4”. This caused the bottom of the board to be slightly deeper than the top. Even with this error, you can see the huge difference.

I plan in using this feature to carve into rustic boards like skid wood and barn board. That will allow me to keep the rustic surface of the weathered wood, and still get a nice even carve! Love it!


I love seeing the results of the auto-leveller. The detail you’re getting by running is outstanding. Thanks for the kudos as well. It’s not all me though. There’s a ton of contributors to this including the Synthetos guys like @Alden_Hart @Riley_Porter_ril3y and @Rob_Giseburt

WOW! Great work!

Thanks Brandon. These are not finished peices of course, but test cuts that really proved how valuable the auto-leveler can be.