I have been away for SOOO long,

I have been away for SOOO long, I just started working at a new company in Australia making 3d printers (3D industries). That, my new house and my ingentis / eustathios mash up “Techne” have taken up so much time I’ve simply not checked my G+ for months!

If you guys recall I was tossing up the idea of CNC machining some components. I then went on to have a lot of trouble printing anything on my existing printer and so I decided I’d redesign the machine to be almost completely CNC machined…

… Oh also while I was cutting the frame uprights I had this crazy idea… I’ll upload some pics rather than go on describing it :wink:

I am currently printing a 630mm talk 40mm screw for a test, left the printer at work so I’m hoping that it’s going well! Video link: http://youtu.be/190cWV_YmTw

I cannot express enough gratitude to +Tim Rastall, +Jason Smith (who get a special mention for initial inspiration) and, sincerely, all the rest of you who helped turn this awesome project into what it is!

I would love to share my design files should anyone want to build a similar machine (in inventor format or, possibly other formats, I’ve never tried to export before!)

Oh, to keep with the original naming convention, I even named it after a Greek goddess;

Techne - “goddess of art, technical skill and craft”

Are now in qld?

Nope? Does it say I am somewhere? In Melbourne :wink: u in qld Daniel?

Yeah I am in qld. I figured you were too if you are working with 3d industries.

3d industries is in Melb? Who are you referring to in QLD? I’ll move to the QLD branch quick-smart if there is one! ;-p

There must be 2 different companies.