I have been approached to sell/ show my work at a pop up gallery

(Mark Estes) #1

I have been approached to sell/ show my work at a pop up gallery in Malibu CA. I checked out the space last night and it looks big given the scale of my portfolio.

This is very preliminary but are there other “FastLED artists” in the LA area, who have some “pieces” that would look good in a darkened gallery and who are interested in selling/showing them? There could be a few " events" in the evenings as well as routine gallery hours. Some of the ‘wearables’ that have been posted over the last few days would be ideal and could garner a goodly price. LMK if you want to discuss further.

(Paul Guthrie) #2

A little far afield for me, but I’d be very interested in your impressions of how it all works. Might try to get someone interested in doing something similar in NorCal outside of the Burning Man nexus.

(John Riggs) #3

I am in Venice and make Top Hats, pretty standard stuff. I did make this for the 747, but that lives in the plane now, I could make more I guess if I could get my hands on some more consoles from the mohave :slight_smile:
When is the show?

(Mark Estes) #4

@John_Riggs i will keep you posted as things develop. That 747 project is very cool. Tophats might sell well.

(John Riggs) #5

@Mark_Estes Sounds good :slight_smile:

(Steve Galle) #6

I’m in San Diego but i’d love to come up to Malibu, I mostly make wearable stuff, check out my work at https://www.instagram.com/galle_led/