I have an idea for a feature for the software,

I have an idea for a feature for the software, I really hope it will be implemented.
It may already be a feature, but I’ve spent a lot of time messing with my CNC router lately and I’m not used to LaserWeb yet.

Anyways, I discovered this through my CNC router use. The software has you input the measurements of the piece of wood you are using. Say 4" X 8" and it will display a 4" X 8" outline in the software. Now you adjust the placement of your logo or design on the outline in the software. You can center it in your outline. Next you physically jog the head of the machine to the bottom left corner of the 4" X 8" material and set it as “Home” Now as long as you’ve got your red dot or cross hair laser in the dead bottom left corner of the material, your logo or design will be dead center on your physically piece of material.

I would love for this to be implemented, I know there are other ways to center and align your work piece in the laser, but this would be amazing for me. I’d do anything I could to help get this into the software! Thanks

@adammmmaNYC ​​ i do the following place th logo in the center of the grid (0,0) and the jog the router to the center of your stock board. ( Mark it with a pencil ). I feel this way is more precise for me than trying to place the but in the corner

+Peter van der Walt Interesting, I’ll check that out. Thank You