I have a weird issue. My 3d printer Electronics and Fans are 12V.

(Selvakumaran Ganesan) #1

I have a weird issue. My 3d printer Electronics and Fans are 12V. But, my heat bed is of 24V.

Is it possible to connect the 24V heat bed through the high current external MOSFET and connect it to the 24V power supply seperately.

Like this :

The idea is 12V power supply will be connected to the Electronics (which runs the hot end, motors etc). And the heat bed by 24v power supply through that external MOSFET

Suggestions please.

(Ulrich Baer) #2

if the driver is 24v - yes, you need the same ground (GND)

(ThantiK) #3

This is essentially, what I do with my printers, but I use an AC driven solid state relay.

(Anton Ovchinnikov) #4

Use 220/110v heat bed. Small current with big power.

(Griffin Paquette) #5

So long as they share a common ground that is fine.

(Selvakumaran Ganesan) #6

@Griffin_Paquette Weak in Electronics. I am using MKS Gen 1.4. So, bit confused about the common ground.

Also, I am using TB6600 for driving Y axis motor (8kg Nema 17). Is it possible to use 24V for TB6600 connecting externally? (same like bed)

Means, X and Z will be driven by A4988 by 12V. Y will be driven by TB6600 by 24V. And bed by external MOSFET by 24V.

Will this work? How to share the common ground?

(Griffin Paquette) #7

I don’t see why you couldn’t connect that one driver to 24V. By common ground that means that the two ground wires for both PSU’s are connected to each other/ the board grounds as well. This is a rough explanation. I would do a google search to get a better explanation.

(Marco Tonoli) #8

Many bed have contracts for work with 12 or 24 v. Check if you have an unused pin

(Kevin Danger Powers) #9

Like the others have said, yes, just make sure the ground from the one PSU is connected to the other and that all the specs are right. Like the mosfet for example. If it can handle 24 volts, that’s great unless it takes more than the available 12 volts from the board to trip the mosfet and turn it on. Just make sure your numbers match up.