I have a strip of WS2801's.  3 leds are powered off one WS2801 ic.

(Mr Happy) #1

I have a strip of WS2801’s. 3 leds are powered off one WS2801 ic. It is a 12v strip with a zinner diode for the IC.

The issue i am having is that one “segment” of the LED strip stays on very dimly. If the LEDS are off, it the RGB leds are on very dimly. If i change it to a color, say “red”, the LED looks red like it should, but the green and blue led are still on…

The ic segment with the problem is write in the middle of strip. I added more power right after this segment, to prevent voltage drop, but they are every thing is still powered from the same transformer…, and the IC’s past that segment work fine aswell.

Any ideas?

(Anthony Ollerton) #2

I have a load of the 60 led 20 Ic per meter 12v strip. Even on a 4m length I found no need to inject power in the middle.
I have however had to replace a few stuck pixels.

(Mr Happy) #3

Thanks for your comments, but they do not seem to help… The pixels aren’t stuck. They respond to the signals from the IC, its just that the one segment stays on dimly.

(Anthony Ollerton) #4

Yea can’t say I’ve had that exactly but I have had segments where the red was on full while green and blue were responding normally.
Think it may just be a case of removing the affected segment.

(Leo Bettinelli) #5

did you try removing the affected segment?

(Mr Happy) #6

I think if I have to do that I’ll just wait to see if it gets worse.

It’s so dim, I can’t even see it from 10ft away at night…