I have a stratayas Uprint SE and it has had a head jam twice

(Chevrolet Diesel Nation) #1

I have a stratayas Uprint SE and it has had a head jam twice in the modeling tip this week. what are some reasons why it had jammed?

(Ryan Carlyle) #2

Stratasys filament or off-brand?

Temp sensor seem to be attached properly? Cooling fans running? Can you do a cold-pull with that printer to clear out any debris?

(Chevrolet Diesel Nation) #3

@Ryan_Carlyle temp snesor is connected, fans on while printing, and i took them out and used a heat gun to clear any gunk out and when it loads it works and for a couple layers it worked then it jams. also its the stratasys brand fimamnt. could it be the cold weather?

(Ryan Carlyle) #4

@Chevrolet_Diesel_Nat cold weather shouldn’t cause jamming… coated-on debris inside the hot end might do it. That’s why I recommended a cold pull.

(Chevrolet Diesel Nation) #5

@Ryan_Carlyle how do I do that?

(Stephanie A) #6

Tom explains it. https://toms3d.org/2017/01/09/basics-cleaning-clogged-nozzle/

(Ryan Carlyle) #7

Another link https://www.antonmansson.com/how-to-cold-pull-clogged-nozzle/

(Chevrolet Diesel Nation) #8

@Ryan_Carlyle I’ll try it

I can’t use my hands to load or unload it but I can try to load it and have it injected and have it come out a few times

(Ryan Carlyle) #9

@Chevrolet_Diesel_Nat yeah I was afraid of that with the Stratasys machine. The best way to do a cold pull in my opinion is really to extrude a bit of nylon then cool down the extruder, and steadily pull hard while it REHEATS. Then as soon as the plastic is soft enough to come loose, it comes out. I don’t k ow how you would do that with your printer. Load/unload will probably leave the molten tip in place.

Can you write your own gcode for it? Maybe you could ram-purge (extrude fast to push out all the molten plastic) and then retract all the way out.

(Chevrolet Diesel Nation) #10

@Ryan_Carlyle I cant get my hands nor am allowed to force the filament in it. It’s all enclosed and motorized

Ya. Since it’s not really accessible. I don’t know if a cold Pull would “work”.

(Ben Malcheski) #11

I have an old Dimension that has this issue. On that machine I use maintenance mode and the manual loading option to get access to the head and disassemble as needed while everything is running. I’ve wasted tons of time trying to cold pull, push with a wire, a tiny drill etc to clean the nozzle without success.

On the Dimension it doesn’t help that there is a 90 degree turn literally at the beginning of the melt zone which then extends 40mm down to the nozzle where there is another 30 degree turn as the melt tube comes into the actual piece of metal with both orifices. I’m probably going to do a brain transplant and put better hot ends in in the process .