I have a solidoodle 2 with a 6" ^ 2 (or 150mm ^ 2)

I have a solidoodle 2 with a 6" ^ 2 (or 150mm ^ 2) print bed. a few of the parts are too large for this size. i took some time and redesigned the chassis plate into 3 parts using the same layout as B3. I am printing it out now, if it works well, I will upload it to thingiverse and share the link here. Hopefully it is helpful to those of you who want to build this awesome project on smaller print beds.

Ok, so after I made the model in 3 parts, I printed out the center first, with no issues. Now the front wont slice correctly nor will the rear. Is there a chance that anyone can look over my design to see if it is flawed in any way?

Seems as though SW doesn’t produce very clean STL files. I read a post about it and used http://cloud.netfabb.com which fixed the issue in 20 seconds. Wish I had done that earlier, instead of redoing the model 3 times. Oh well. after this print I will let you guys know the outcome.

@Ken_Schroeck ok, good to hear you managed to sort it out. Keep us posted on you progress.

As promissed…

If anyone has any ideas or can help me to make the tabs without adding supports to them. Or better yet, supports that break off easily, please let me know. The circle supports you use on most of the parts might work well for this Daniel, let me know if there is a way to add them to the model.