I have a rotary device connected to my Laser axe based (GRBL) engraver utilizing

I have a rotary device connected to my Laser axe based (GRBL) engraver utilizing Z-AXIS driver. . I have tested it with other programs, how do I set it up with LaserWeb? Maybe I missed something, but I do not see a rotary device setup. Thank you. Is there a framing function, that shows where the laser will be engraving (Maybe I missed it) Thank you again for a great product.


What does “F” mean?

@Brian_Roth Its Meen … im Following this Question Because im interested

Oh, Thx…

ok framing I figured out (check size) ,. What about using the zaxis as the rotary device? Since this Is how I have it connected on the grbl based board

LW does rotary just go to settings/machine and enable A stage

I do not use A stage, my rotary is connected via z-axis. A stage is not available on the board I have (LaserAXE cnc board) that was why I used Z axis

I know it works, I have tested it with Lightburn, but would love to be able to Laserweb

is there away to set z-axis as the rotary axis instead of a-axis?

Just postprocess the file, change the A for Z

Alternatively you can recompile grbl changing config.h the A port to Z port, dont need even swap just copy z pins and put on A pins.

Hello I can’t post process, If I enable A stages in LaserWeb I get an error because I do not have A stage, I have it connected to the Zaxis. The only thing I can do is the config change it would be nice though if in laserweb there was a configuration to select the axis for the rotary device

Sorry can’t help with that.

Ok thanks. I’ll have to stay with LightBurn software