I have a quick question for all of you smarter than myself humans out

I have a quick question for all of you smarter than myself humans out here. Basically I was hoping to make a pov poi set with the ws2812b led strands I ordered. Now I know that they are pretty terrible for this application now that I’ve done some more reading…my question/ thought process is would it be possible to have 4 strands of say 16 leds and all 4 running the same code but staggered…so strands 1 and 2 run the code and then 3,4 run the same code during the off time of the first two. And visa versa. Basically eliminating those gaps in the images that make these leds inferior to the apa102 leds. Any ideas, or thoughts about this would be super awesome. I’m baby new to arduino and programming so be kind please, and seriously any input would be extremely grateful. if this is ridiculous and someone knows of a good poi diy that I can make using these leds that would be great too! I just want some poi that I can program the colors for cool effects and not just red or green lights. Ok that’s all thanks!!

pretty sure the new rev of 2812b is now at 2000Hz refresh: perhaps thats a better solution for POV with 5050 1wire discreet RGB LED.

You really don’t have any control over the timing of the pwm cycle of these chips - and even the “new” 2812b is still only 1/10th the rate of the apa102.